"I have used T#### and Z#####. Both products worked, but not like Oakaway.

Your soap smelled great, lathered great, and more importantly, it worked."


"I'm a firefighter with the USFS. I first used your product on a fire when I got it from the medical Unit.

I was amazed at how fast it got rid of my oak. I had it really bad and within a few days it was gone!"

"Washing with your soap really eased the itching. I want more"

"I used your soap at a wildland fire. Wow! It really dried up my poison oak"

"Much better than any product I have ever used"

    All Natural     Cruelty Free      GMO Free    No Sulfides     Pet Safe

Poison Oak    Poison Sumac    Poison Ivy

"OMG! What just happened? I got your soap at the Ruth Complex.

It really works! One of the best showers I have ever had at firecamp"

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